Bee Lavender, CEO

Bee Lavender, MPA, founded Correct Computation, Inc (CCI) in 2018. Previously, Bee was a founder and CEO of Monoidics, maker of the static analysis tool Infer, a company acquired by Facebook in 2013. Before that Bee was an early pioneer in online social media and publishing, founding and operating online properties from 1995-2010. Bee’s work has been mentioned in venues such as Fast Company, Forbes, the New Yorker, Tech Crunch, the Telegraph (UK), Time Out, the Times (UK), USA Today, and Wired.

Michael Hicks, CTO

Michael Hicks is the Chief Technology Officer of Correct Computation and is also a Professor at the University of Maryland (UMD). Mike earned his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001; his dissertation won the ACM SIGPLAN Doctoral Dissertation award in that year. Following a 1-year post-doctoral fellowship at Cornell University, he joined the computer science department at UMD. Mike started at CCI in 2018. Over his 20+ year research career, he has been a member and leader of the software security and programming languages communities. He was the first Director of UMD’s Cybersecurity Center in 2011-2013, and he served as the elected Chair of ACM SIGPLAN from 2015-2018. His influential research includes the development of the Cyclone “safe C” programming language, a forerunner of Rust, and a variety of techniques for scalable and precise static and dynamic program analysis, fuzz testing, and automated formal verification of software. Overall he has published more than 125 peer-reviewed scientific articles, and has twice won the NSA’s Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper competition (the only two-time winner), among other awards.