CCI is hiring! Current openings include a Technical Lead and a Software Development Engineer, to start as soon as possible. We also have a paid Internship Program.

Roles are listed below, with more information and directions on how to apply at the bottom of the page.

Current roles

Technical Lead

As the technical lead, you will play an important role in project management, product development, communications, and customer interaction.

Software Development Engineer

As an engineer, you will play a key role in product development.

Technical Intern

An internship at CCI (both remote and in-person) places a strong emphasis on problem solving and developing high-quality software.

What we do

CCI makes software tools to help development teams improve the quality of their code, especially its security. Our tools employ automated reasoning in the form of static code analysis: They look at the code of an application (either its source code or binary code, depending on the tool) and learn aspects of its behavior relevant to security or reliability. 

At present, CCI has two tools under development, Affix and 5C. The first aims to generate models from binary code, and the second is an iterative refactoring tool, aimed to migrate C code toward being spatially memory safe. These tools, and the techniques being used, are an active launching point for further developments, involving different automated reasoning techniques, languages, target domains, and usage modes. 
Our customers value security and safety, and we strive to help them make their software that way, reducing risks and enhancing quality.

Why join CCI?

CCI’s leaders have deep experience, leading successful industrial ventures and world-renowned academic research programs. Working at CCI, you will have a chance to collaborate with and learn from the best.

If hired, you will play a part in developing the vision, approach, design, and implementation of new and existing products, and product features. As a startup, we are always looking to maximize the value of what we do, shifting what we work on to be most impactful.

In the process, you will research and develop new techniques for automatically reasoning about C and/or binary code, especially its security-relevant behavior, and could ultimately do the same for other languages besides.

You will collaborate with CCI’s team of highly talented engineers in an agile development environment, using modern software engineering best practices to ensure quality. You will be part of our world-class team doing cutting edge work on tools that can make software appreciably better.


The job is located in College Park, MD. We are flexible about remote vs. in-person work—we encourage all eligible candidates to apply. 

How to apply

If you are interested in joining the team, please send a resume and cover letter to If you graduated in the last five years, also include an unofficial transcript. In your cover letter, please indicate which position, or positions, you are interested in, and why you believe you might be a good fit for them.

CCI is an equal opportunity employer. We recognize that diverse teams make the strongest teams, and we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply.